Jesper Vad Jensen, Gredstedbro

Jesper Vad Jensen, Gredstedbro

No more sweaty and dirty work.

In Gredstedbro user Jesper Vad Jensen one Twinca Track self-propelling distributor to put straw out of the cages. This means that he can lay more than 200 kg chopped straw in under 10 minutes.

There is no one who can put as much straw out by hand. Now it happens quickly and without dust. No more sweaty and dirty work, says Jesper Vad Jensen.

Twinca Track is an independent machine that will not be fit for a mini-loader or other equipment. Also it looks Jesper Vad Jensen as a big advantage.

It saves us a lot of trouble and parts that do not fit together, he says.

Jesper Vad Jensen also Twinca feeding machine and TwincaStep individual feeding and is happy for the products.

They are reliable and it is always easy to get help from Twinca if you need it, he says.